What a Minister Loses in a Forced Termination

There are many things that could be added to any list of things that a pastor and his family loses in a forced termination. These changes happen literally overnight. There are few vocations in life that causes the loss of so much by a termination.

Rather than spend a lot of time talking about them I thought I would just make a list. You are invited to add to it by email me at dignity@PastorsInPain.com. There is no attempt to place them in order of priority.

  1. Their place to worship
  2. Their peace of mind
  3. Their position of authority and power
  4. Their Ministry
  5. Their Job/work/vocation
  6. Their dignity
  7. Their income
  8. Their friends
  9. Their support group
  10. Some lose their purpose for living
  11. Usually, their house
  12. Usually, the city they are living in as they move
  13. Various personal activities and functions
  14. Their children lose their school, teacher, and friends
  15. Their trust in people
  16. Sometimes, their trust in God
  17. Their sense of direction in life
  18. Their sense of security
  19. Their sense of identity
  20. Their sense of self confidence
  21. Often, the security of their marriage. Marriage problems may arise under extreme stress.
  22. Their health
  23. The emotional stability in the whole family
  24. Their self worth
  25. Their self esteem
  26. Their relationship with the community
  27. Their goals in life
  28. Often, their means of transportation
  29. Often, their health insurance
  30. Sometimes, their retirement funds
  31. Their freedom

If churches and church leaders would take the time to consider what they are doing their shepherds in dismissing them, I wonder if they would be so cavalier about their decision.