NetMenders Advice III

  1. Do not attempt to force them ”back into full time ministry”.  Forcing them to go back too soon may cause long-term damage.
  2. Confidentiality is vital.  If they confide something in you, never divulge what they have shared with you – except with the team leader. Take it to prayer.  It is a privilege to bear another’s burden, but it is not your right to share it with someone else.  Breaking their confidence could damage their life further.  This ministry will only work on trust.
  3. Pray for their needs often and believe in faith that God will perform a miracle for their situation.  Lay hands on your computer monitor and pray over each email before you send it.  Write out your prayers for them in your email and finish it in Jesus’ name.  We want them to renew their faith in God and see His hand of blessing on their life.  One good miracle will do wonders – it proves that God still loves them and cares for them.
  4. Don’t preach.  Talk.  They may have just left a situation where overzealous people used scriptures like a club to get their point across.  Now they just want someone real to talk to who knows God well.
  5. If you know of people who could help them, ask their permission to introduce them.
  6. A wounded shepherd may not often respond to your emails.  They are basically in hiding.  Don’t give up on them, even if they seem to give up on you.
  7. Don’t be shocked by the use of rough language.  Deep wounds may be expressed in a harsh manner.  Don’t scold them for the use of foul language.  In time they will correct it themselves.
  8. Write to the wounded pastor as soon as you are assigned as they will be waiting to hear from you.
  9. Take time to check for emails each day and respond to any new emails as quickly as you can.
  10. Reassure and reaffirm them often. I always sign off with “You are not alone and you are not forgotten.”

If you want to help financially, do it through us.  Send Checks to Garden Ministries, 10606-8 Camino Ruiz, # 326, San Diego, CA, 92126 and write a note that the offering is to go to this designated couple.  Or, you may use our PayPal account on our web site.  We will issue tax receipts for the charitable donation.  If you want to purchase something specific we suggest that you buy an American Express Gift card and we will send it to them.  Later you will be able to use our online store to do this directly.