Basic Concerns

  • Their trust in God has been shaken.  They can feel abandoned by Him.  Actually, He is closer than ever before.  He speaks by actions – divine appointments, unusual circumstances – rather than by words.
  • Their trust in people has evaporated.  They can’t tell the good guys from the bad anymore. They may have been the target of a smear campaign for a long time.  Their reputation most likely has been impugned.  And they are no longer certain of the truth about themselves.
  • Finances are a major issue.  How will we live?  Few terminated pastors receive severance pay.  And, the pastor’s resume does not adapt well to secular employment, so it is hard to find a job.  Their lifestyle abruptly changes from a visible position of dignity and respect to non existent and forgotten.
  • Fear of the unknown future is heightened.  Will God use us again?  What does He want us to do now?  They may not be emotionally stable enough to pastor a local church for a while – if ever again.  Where will we live?
  • They suffer from exhaustion.  They need rest – lots of it.  Health issues often arise in times of crisis.  Depression is most often identifiable.  Are they getting sleep?  Have they seen a doctor?  Do they have health insurance?  Can they afford a check-up?
  • If they have children, they are foremost on their mind.  The impact of being forced out of a church has a profound effect on the Pastor’s Kids.  They often lose their friends, their church, their school, their house, etc.  The safe and the familiar are taken from them.  Their strong parents are now weakened by their circumstances.  There is not enough money to do the little fun things.