Welcome to the Pastoral Advocacy Network

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Pastors seeking Immediate Help go to www.PastorsInPain.com

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Our Mission is to help injured, hurting ministers who have been rejected from the ministry or have chosen to leave for self- preservation reasons to rediscover the joy of their salvation, to renew their individual value, and to focus on God’s intent for their lives.

Where We Are Going

Since 1998 God has used the Pastoral Advocacy Network (PAN) to touch the lives of hundreds of His hurting shepherds with the message of healing and hope. Now we want to build on those victories by expanding our services.

It is our goal:

  1. To make PAN the place for wounded ministers to go to find the most comprehensive spiritual and practical help for their needs as they walk through the minefield of transition.
  2. To solicit, train, and provide opportunities for concerned members of the Christian Community to become actively involved in healing wounded shepherds.

Right now we are working on the following six new developments that will take us a step closer to fulfilling our goals.

Pre-Transitional Advice

We will provide personal advice to pastors who are experiencing trouble in their present church and who want an objective recommendation.

Education Module

Our online video vignettes will guide hurting pastors and NetMenders through a series of basic understandings, definitions, teachings and advice to help the ministers in need rediscover their joy, value, and focus on God.

NetMender’s Module

While we presently provide caring help for hurting ministers through our email, phone calls and face to face contact, we plan to do much more. Our new website will use the latest technology to:

  • Assist each minister build a personal network of NetMenders made of friends, family and others volunteering from the Christian Community to help with prayer, practical care and financial aid in the first six months of transition.
  • Produce a personal webpage to be used as a portal of communication to their NetMenders, notifying them of their needs and progress.
  • Provide training for the NetMenders on how best to serve a wounded shepherd.
  • Provide free access to the Resource Center.
  • A means for the NetMenders to give financial aid with tax deductible receipts.

Joseph’s Pit Module

As a minister heals, he/she wants to move on. Joseph’s Pit is our incubator to assist the minister in taking the necessary steps to discover God’s intent for their lives. We will offer:

  • A pre-retreat preparation for self discovery.
  • A personal transformation retreat to help solidify God’s intent for their life.
  • Post-retreat follow-up sessions to finalize and implement the new vision.

Online Store

We are working on a website store to support wounded shepherds. Here they may purchase materials that pertain to their special needs. As we expand, NetMenders will be able to buy gifts and practical items for the ministers that they choose to support.

Resource Center

The purpose of the Resource Center is to provide as many resources as possible for hurting pastors. It will include business opportunities, job openings, referrals, and possibly health plan offerings .We will also put forward a means for NetMenders to give available items to needy pastors –like a free eBay for ministers in need.